Rocky Mountain Pediatric Surgery is affiliated with Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children (RMHC), a leading provider for pediatric care in Colorado. RMPS and RMHC understand that children aren’t just small adults. In fact, children can get many diseases not seen in adult patients, and they can’t always tell you where it hurts. Your child needs specialized training, experience and equipment to get the best possible care, and at any of our facilities, you’ll see the difference that kind of pediatric care can make.

We typically begin our relationship with you and your child through an office visit. We have offices near Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center in Denver, on Tutt Boulevard in Colorado Springs, on North Boise Avenue in Loveland at Sky Ridge Medical Center in Lone Tree.

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If surgery is necessary, it will be performed at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center or Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at Sky Ridge Medical Center.  Each facility is designed with kids in mind— from the check-in and admissions process, to pre-operative preparation, the operating rooms and recovery. Our team has helped design many components of the facilities to ensure everything is done to ensure a quick return to good health for each child we treat.